RAWBOX Subscription

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The RAWBOX subscription ($150 value)

RAWBOX is a quarterly subscription offered by empress mane. Every quarter, a box is released consisting of oils, butter, clays and other products in its rawest form, made by women of colour around the world. 


Shea Butter - Best selling shea butter is a must have in every box. We could never take it away. We know it's your #1. Straight from Nigeria. 

Rice Water - Featuring rice from the Caribbean, this strengthens your hair strands while promoting growth. It helps remove dandruff, increases vitality and improves appearance. It contains trace elements of potassium, iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium, manganese and various fibers. Does not come filled with water.

Kokum Butter - derived from the kokum tree, kokum butter is an extreme moisturizer to the skin and hair. It is shea butter's sister that has more benefits! It is known to work great for sensitive scalps and skin. Straight from India.

Mango Butter - Straight from the mango seed, mango butter is an indeginous butter that is often forgotten. It is rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, E and emollients (softeners). It attacks rough and dry skin and scalp.

Moringa Oil - Rich in calcium, moringa oil is meant to go a long way for a long time. It penetrates the surface it touches, adding moisturizing and hydrating the roughest areas. It is also known to treat acne breakouts with its anti inflammatory compounds of zeatin, tocopherols, catechins, ferulic acid and quercetin. Also from India.

Avocado Oil - Coming from Mexico, our avocado oil is made to heal skin and scalp from any burns, irritations and abnormal changes that alter its nature. Its known to strengthen hair, seal the hair shaft and prevent breakage. Its lightness is great for low porosity hair. Looking for sun protection? This oil gives it!


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